The Following clubs are at Sainik School Kalikiri for the Academic year 2016-17 and the overall in charge is Mr. Rukutty D.

  • Nature Club      -        in charge Mr. NVKS Sharma
  • Riding Club       -        in charge Mr. E. Mallikarjuna Reddy
  • Young Newton  -        in charge Mr. Rukutty D and Mr. V Amarnath
  • ICT Club           -        in  charge Mr . Jagdish Babu
  • Yoga                 -        in  charge V Mahammad Aslam and Mr. Hari Prasad
  • Drama              -        in  charge Mr. Chatla Mary babu
  • Photography     -        in  charge Mr . Sree Ramulu
  • Alchemist         -         in  charge Mr . P Dileep