1. As per the Sainik Schools Society’s instructions, the school is directed to collect/charge the school fees at FULL FEE RATES to ALL THE SCHOLARSHIP HOLDERS along with the Full Fee paying cadets 
  2. In respect of SCHOLARSHIP HOLDERS, fees charged from the parents will be reimbursed to them on receipt of the scholarship amount from the concerned Governments ie., Ministry of Defence and Govt. of Andhra Pradesh / State Govts by adjusting in the cadet a/c at the year end and the same will be indicated in the Statement of A/c. In case of A.P. native eligible cadets, whenever the, dietary supplement is paid by the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, it would be credited to cadets’ a/c at the year end.
  3. In view of the above, all the cadets of this school including both A.P. State and Defence Scholarship holders are to pay the school fees at FULL FEE RATES in lumpsum i.e. 1,00,000/- for General Category and 98,500/- for SC/ST category.
1 Tuition Fees * 60,500/- 60,500/-
2 Clothing Fees 1,500/- 1,500/-
3 Diet Charges (Rs.60.50 X 295 days) * 17,850/- 17,850/-
4 Pocket Money 1,500/- 1,500/-
5 Incidental Charges 1,500/- 1,500/-
6 Texts & Notes (Approx) 1,250/- 1,250/-
7 Security Deposit 3,000/- 1,500/-
8 Private Clothing (Approx) 12,500/- 12,500/-
9 Crash Programme 400/- 400/-
  Rounded off Total @ 1,00,000/- 98,500/-


* Subject to 10% hike by Sainik Schools Society on tuition fee & diet charges

NOTE:-There will be 10% increase on Tuition Fees and Diet Charges every year. The rates may, however, change as per directions of Sainik Schools Society, Ministry of Defence.

  1. Payment of fees should be made by Bank Demand Drafts only payable at SBI Kalikiri (IFSC Code SBIN0016427)
  2. No Cash or Cheques would be accepted.
  3. The Statement of a/c will be sent to the parent during May every year indicating the exact amount of fees for the next year.
  4. Scholarships awarded, if any, will be adjusted at year end on receipt from the respective Governments.
  5. The amount of School fees may be revised at any time by the Board of Governors and the parents will have to abide by their decision. An undertaking to this effect (as given at Appendix-‘O’) is to be signed and submitted by you at the time of admission.
  6. Parents/guardians are expected to furnish correct details with regard to income and any scholarship availed from any other agencies. In case it is found false during verification by the school through vigilance/police, their son/ward will be withdrawn from the school. Additionally, parents/guardians will be liable to refund all financial benefits enjoyed by their son/ward during their term in the school.
  7. Parents/guardians are requested to pay fees as and when it falls due failing which the name of your son/ward will be struck off from the school’s roll and the cadet will be sent home at the parent’s / guardian’s risk.